Get Married in dubai

Many people believe that getting married in Dubai is a blessing. If you are one of them, make sure you read this article and know everything that you needs to know.

Even if you are a resident of UAE, getting married in Dubai is not easy. The legal paper works get harder if you are not a resident but still want to get married from here. Make sure you know about the legal procedures or you will be running around in the city by the day of your wedding.

Planning your dream wedding could be easier or time-consuming according to your nationality and status of residency. You must approach your country’s embassy in UAE to know about the legal procedures for citizens of your country. Some specific conditions like certificate attestation must be followed in all cases.

Regardless of all these paper works, the number of non-UAE residents getting married in Dubai has increased up to 22% over the last three years.

Legal procedures to be followed for getting married in UAE:-

According to the UAE government, all marriages between Muslims in the country should be registered in a Sharia court as to ensure that the legal requirements are fulfilled.

Legal requirements:-

Both bride and groom should be aged above 18.

Two people with ID as witnesses.

These requirements may vary with your nationality. Check with your country’s embassy to get things clarified.

You don’t have to be a resident of UAE to get married from Dubai, but it will take at-least 28 days to sort out all the paper works.

Documents required:-

Birth certificates.

Passport ( Original and copy)

Passport ( Original and copy ) of both the witnesses.

Medical fitness certificate and blood test report from medical centers affiliated by MoH

Divorce certificate and previous marriage certificate if you are divorced

Death certificate of your partner if you are widowed.

Non-Islamic marriages

Non-Muslims marriages can get married through their embassy in UAE. Don’t forget to take all the documents. If your marriage certificate is printed in English, you will have to get Arabic translation for the same in order to make the certificate valid.

Marriage certificate attestation

Take both the certificates to the Notary public at Dubai court to get it certified and then from the Ministry of justice. After this, you have to get MOFA Authentication so that your marriage certificate could be authenticated for use in your country. If the bride and groom are of different nationalities, attestation should be done from both embassies.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful and luxurious wedding destinations in the world. No wonder why people still want to get married in this city regardless of all these tiresome paper works.

If your wedding is near and you still haven’t put a thought about the legal procedures, it is time you do.